Monday, January 10, 2011

Smurfect. Just Smurfect!

So I always knew that Susanne had a collection of Smurfs she'd had ever since she was a kid. They were somewhere packed in the basement, and as she recalled, her Opa in Germany used to get her new Smurf characters quite often. She hoped that one day her own children would enjoy them.

Fast forward a bunch of years and her little one year old Benji one day noticed a lone Smurf perched on our kitchen shelf. He was instantly entranced. Enamored. In love.

Yes, this little Smurf could not be ignored. Any time he'd set eyes on it, Benji had to have it! Why here's his a pic of his favorite Smurf.

Well just the other day we had friends over and long story short, while Benji was already asleep, she brought out her collection. Wow. She has dozens and dozens of the little blue guys. Who knew?

I've been a little nervous to let Benji actually see the Smurf collection--afraid his little heart might just burst or something.

But this evening he's a little under the weather and we decided it was time. I brought him down from upstairs to our dining room where Danny was already having fun with all those Smurfs.

You should have seen Benji's eyes! He was so excited. And as a matter of fact, while I type this, he's still downstairs with Susanne playing with his new friends. I think it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship!


Jenni said...

Oh, I'm so glad he's so happy right now!

Stimey said...

I want to come to your house to play with the Smurfs.

Also hooray for smurfy children!

Jenn said...

What fun!