Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our tiny time traveler...

Well he is sort of tiny. And he did travel for a long time yesterday.

Yes, Danny and his grandmother started their big week-long adventure yesterday by boarding a train in DC at around 10 am that, after a bit of delay, arrived at their destination in South Carolina at around 7 pm. Then they had the hour drive to Nana's house.

He had a blast! He was so excited to talk to us on the phone when they got home and sounded so happy. What was I worried about?

Benji however did not seem to have gotten the memo that our evening "night night" routines were to be easy peasy with Danny gone for a few nights. It's like he drank a few Red Bulls or something. Argh! Maybe tonight will be better? I sure hope.

Anyway, here is a cell phone pic of my our excited traveler minutes before boarding. Oh the places you'll go little Daniel. Oh the places you'll go! Love, your Moms

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