Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (without Danny for awhile)

Well Danny is four and tomorrow is his last day of school. He started as the smallest 3 year old in the bunch and although he's grown, so have all the other munchkins, so he's now one of the smallest 4 year olds in the class.  He's had a wonderful year at school. He can write some letters (he's very good at "D" and "A" now), and counts perfectly in Spanish. He's learned lots of songs and made wonderful friends. He's also developed a strong soccer kick, and has started having an opinion about the clothes he wears.

I've been most pleased with the smiley faces and "great day" notes that his teachers send home just about every day. Our goals this year were to see if he could write his name, dress himself, and not get so frustrated the second he can't figure something out. He's succeeded on all three fronts and we are so proud of him.

What words describe him? Witty, sweet, homebody, book lover, picky eater. Yup. That's him. And about a zillion other words.

So what's with the title of my post? Well, you see, he has about a week off between school ending and summer "camp", so he's taking a little trip with his Nana. They will take an Amtrak train from DC to South Carolina next week, and although Su will be going down later in the week to spend time there and bring him back, I won't see him for seven whole days.

You'd think I'd be rejoicing at no bedtime dilly dallying and the noise level dropping a few decibles. But no. I have a feeling a day without Danny will be like a day without sunshine. Can parents get separation anxiety? Just glad he'll be with his Nana where he'll be very happy and comfortable. But I'm gonna miss him... sigh...

I also think the boys will miss each other. I guess on the bright side, Benji might come to really like this "only child" syndrome that he's never experienced before. Only time will tell. -M

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