Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday Fun with Friends

This weekend Danny was so excited to go to a Taekwondo themed birthday party for his great pal Joakim. The kids had a blast!

The kids say "cheese" while the birthday boy makes a break on the right open a present. Ah yes, 5 year olds!
Danny on a count of three breaks a board at Joakim's party.

The highlight of the session was that the kids got to go up onto a stage and break a board in half. Danny was a little skeptical, but with all his might on a count of three he split that baby. This shot catches him right as he hit it. 

I wish I'd caught a few shots of the seconds after the big hit. What a mix of joy, shock, amazement and pride! Next week Joakim and friends will come together for Danny's 5th birthday party at the pool. 

I just hope that they don't try to break other things with their new found confidence. ;-)


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