Tuesday, May 01, 2012

So Sayeth...well, me.

Hello gentle readers. Say...I was just thinking about how both my blogging and my "Facebooking" have devolved into a fairly non-stop look at how hilarious I find my sons.

I don't think that there is anything wrong with that, but I find myself interested, in sort of a clinical way, about how this is not something that everyone does.

I've got friends who have kids just as cute as mine who hardly ever mention them (seriously they have very cute kids!) But they they post about civil rights issues, or political stuff or breaking news--maybe mention when the kids have a birthday or something. I have other friends, again with cutie pies, who track down every inspirational poster they can find to share every day. Then I have friends who do the cryptic posts like "only 10 more days to go", and you have no idea what they are talking about (but when they "reveal" it's hardly ever about their kids). Then there are the friends who love to tell you about their sundry experiences throughout the day. Laundry, going to the gym, whatever.  Not me. Pics and funny stories from life with our boys all the way.

So in my first paragraph I wrote that I thought that my writing had "devolved" once I had kids. But I'm not sure if it's a devolution as much as an evolution. You see, Susanne and I actually had a blog before we had children and when I went back to look, was sort of humored by the fact that I used to write about the antics of our cats. Yes, for those of you who remember Harley and CJ, they used to get all the ink...er keystrokes.

So maybe that's my shtick? I'm an ANTICS WRITER? Well, I guess it all balances out. I love to keep up on the news and politics etc...so I'm glad I have friends who post stuff like that (and that I get to read the paper every day.) And I know of at least a few people who don't seem to mind (dare I say encourage me?) to keep the funny quips coming about D&B.

See, I didn't even mention my kids in this post. Well, maybe just a tiny bit. Until next time! -Monica

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