Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Field Trip!

So somehow I once again missed the fact that Danny had a field trip coming up today. Just last night I saw the permission slip in his folder and as usual he begged me to come. At first I told him that I couldn't but then got to feeling guilty. This was his very last trip of the school year and my schedule was fairly free work-wise.

Long story short, I took some time off and next thing you know I was off to Rock Creek Nature Center with 22 happy, active pre-schoolers. A Park Ranger read a story about trees and took us on a nature walk. Then it was off to explore the exhibits. BEES! They had a really cool way to see real bees making honey in their combs. Danny loved it as did all the kids.

Then a picnic lunch and a bunch of running around with impromptu games of "Tag" "Duck, Duck, Goose" and "Simon Says". Then back to school.

Can I just say I love Danny's teachers? Bravo! And how do you have the energy??? ;-) -Monica

Here are the kids "listening" to a tree.

Mr. Park Ranger enthralls the under six set.

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