Tuesday, October 23, 2012

LOL or Something Like That

From some recent posts we've made to Facebook. Featuring Danny and Benji of course!

October 19
Danny told us tonight that another way of saying you're sick is to say that you're "over the weather." I must admit, this child, he makes my heart happy ;-)

October 15
So one last thing about this fun weekend when we went to Minnesota for my sister Alice's wedding. After we were all dressed and ready to get in the car to head to the wedding, two year old Benji looked at me in my dress and exclaimed "Mommy, your pants! Where are your pants??"

October 15
Flying back from Minneapolis today Danny spied Air National Guard planes on the tarmac. He turned to Susanne and said "Mama, those are the ones for the Army to fly in, and these are the ones for the humans to fly in." She assured them that Army people were humans too!

October 10
Dear Citizens of the World,
Sorry for this belated apology if you too were awakened at 3:45am by our two year old screaming over and over again "Marshmallows Mommy. I WANT MARSHMALLOWS MOMMY!"

Love, the Meanest Mom in the Whole Wide World

October 4
Oh say there? Has anyone seen my pink tutu? Apparently my 5 year old thinks that I wear one ,-)

September 30
Cutest. Thing. Ever. A cable channel here shows reruns of The Flying Nun. We watched last night, and now Benji can't wait to go to school tomorrow as he hopes "his nuns" can fly too! (He's asking to watch it again tonight!)

September 23
At the National's game today we were counting balls and strike with the boys. When I explained what a full count was, Danny asked me "how many balls and strikes in a half count then?" I was uncharacterisically at a loss for words. ;-)

September 22
Self-portrait on display in Danny's kindergarten classroom. He said he gave himself glasses because I wear them. Flattering I guess. I do not plan to ask him where the inspiration came for all that chin hair though ;-)

September 21
Can someone please explain to me the allure of the interior dome light to the preschool set? There but for the grace of God and our eagle-eyed neighbors have we avoided a dead battery about 10 times this month.

September 18
Susanne wrote--Unsupervised homework. Parenting fail. (Worse yet I was standing within 4 feet.)

September 8
Dear Benji's nap,
I hope I'm wrong about this, but I'm getting the feeling that you're leaving. Please don't go. I'm not ashamed to tell you--I love you Benji's nap!


September 6
Should I be worried that my two year old conjugates verbs better than I do? This morning he used the past perfect subjunctive. ("I wanted you to do it.") But on the brighter side, I am totally better than him at reaching stuff on high shelves ;-)

September 1
Danny got a cool a kit with caterpillars that will molt into butterflies soon. The best part of this has been that he keeps calling the caterpillars "patekillers". Makes me think that the butterflies will be called "flutterbys"!

July 11
Still in shock. Today I offered little Benji lots of options for music in the car and he wanted "words" (NPR). Clearly, Susanne, who drives 90% of the time has influenced him.

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