Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Joy in Mudville

Last night was a historic one in DC as our professional baseball team clinched the National League East title in the first time in, well, forever. Either they had to beat the Phillies or the Pirates had to beat the Braves, and even though we would have preferred the former, wel happily took the latter.

As the top of the 9th inning ended, word spread quickly through the stadium (and everywhere) the the Pirates had won 1-0! In the Nationals last at bat it would have been awesome to overcome the two run deficit and win too, but that was not meant to be. No matter. When the final out was recorded moments later, the Nationals began their celebration.

The boys were asleep long before the game ended, but when they woke up they were so excited to see all the pictures in the paper. They are having so much fun watching their favorite players on TV and well, so are we. They are really starting to understand the balls, strikes and outs thing and cannot wait for the next game to come on.

Here's to quite a few more weeks of baseball in DC (and maybe a World Series Championship?) . Go Nats! -Monica

P.S. In the short video above, the boys show their "Natitude" while eating breakfast this morning!

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