Sunday, July 16, 2006

Here we go again!

So, we're going to try this blog thing again. Maybe you've read some of our old blog or seen our pictures. Maybe you'd given up on us... it has been a while. One thing for sure, we know you could never remember that other URL. Hopefully Oh, Susanica! will be a little easier to find.

Susanica's Homepage got its start in the days of wedding planning in 2004 and served us well throughout that process. The wedding's all there, too -- invitation, program, and of course, lots of pictures. You'll also find links to our pictures from our fabulous honeymoon in Peru (we like Shutterfly slide shows because you don't need to log-in to enjoy them; here's more).

Now our first wedding anniversary is fast approaching, but more importantly, the planning for Susanica's next major event is well underway. So join us here on our continuing journey to build our family and wish us luck as we prepare to welcome a BABY into our world.

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