Friday, July 21, 2006

Too Funny!!!

From The City Paper, July 21, 2006, News of the Weird: "At a June fertility conference in Prague, Israeli doctor Shevach Friedler reported on research showing that women who'd been entertained by a clown for 15 minutes following an embryo-transfer procedure had a conception rate nearly twice as high as women who'd undergone the procedure but no clown treatment."

Do we think these findings apply to IUI as well?!? Thank goodness we have another month to mail-order the red nose and rainbow wig for Monica!

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MaverickMama said...

I certainly think that happiness and laughter makes life seem a whole lot more pleasant. I imagine that the chemicals released when happy would make a baby want to stick around for the party. I can't wait to hear stories about what happens when you get out the clown suit at the IUI. Great idea!!