Thursday, July 20, 2006

We're leaving on a jet plane...

This weekend my sweetheart niece Niki is going to get married in Wisconsin. Niki's my oldest sister Mary's youngest daughter and even though she's a 28 now, and a beautiful young woman, I still usually see a precious little three-year old whenever I look at her. She's marrying Marcus who is a great guy and we are really looking forward to Saturday's big event.

Since Susanne and I just got married last year, we can definitely empathize with all of the energy and stress that go into planning a wedding, but on the other hand, like I told Niki last week, it's really such an amazing day it's totally worth it! In fact Susanne and I will celebrate our first anniversary on August 6th! Finally, the rest of our cake! (Well, we did eat some at our 6 month mark--it could have gotten freezer burn you know. As it was, it was perfect and so will our final slices!)

Of course this event will bring my side of the family together again, and that means kiddies! My sister Alice's daughter Janna is 8, my great-neice Cassie is going to be 6, and the little guy Liam will be closing in on two. We're also going to see one of my favorite students from back when I was a teacher. Karin is a pediatrician now, and she and her husband have two beautiful little ones who are delightful. Children, children everywhere! How wonderful!

It's funny for me to contemplate becoming a mom at 46 or even 47 depending on how long it will take. Heck, my mom and sister were GRANDMOTHERS when they were in their early 40s. And some friends were telling us yesterday that their 6 year old son calls his grandmother "tia". They are spanish speakers and we of course knew that "abuela" is grandmother while "tia" is aunt. Seems "granny" was just 40 when this little guy came along and she didn't want to feel old so she has always had him call her auntie. Too funny!

But I'm not really like my mom or my sister or my friend. I've always marched to a different beat I guess. Maybe because I've been mistaken for being younger most of my life. I don't know. Su is 13 1/2 years younger than me, but in some ways our ages seem equalized to me. I don't worry too much about being too old to keep up with toddlers. I seem to have a lot of energy (right honey? Well, except for maybe when I'm sort of in a napping mood! ;)

But I guess I'm just trying to say that it feels right to me to become a mom now. I once read a book called, "You Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make You Odd." I think that's how I feel. Coming out as gay was "odd" (but so true), and so is having our family now if that's God's will for us. So, call me odd, if you will, but I just call myself lucky. Have a wonderful day! -Monica

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