Friday, January 19, 2007

Fuzzy yet Tasty Math...

Happy Friday! We just came back from our 20 week check up with the midwives at the birthing center and all is looking fine. The baby’s heartbeat was pretty easy to locate and chugging along at 160 bpm which is in the normal range.

On Tuesday Susanne will get an ultrasound and we’ll finally get to see our little one in action. I read that our child weighs about 8 ounces right now which, let’s face it, is the size of two quarter pounders with cheese!

You always hear comparisons like “your baby is now the size of an avocado" or "the size of a rutabaga” (okay I made that one up), but I personally do better with quarter pounders for my imagery. Like our cat Harley for example is about 56 quarter pounders. We can therefore deduce that Harley is a fairly big cat. And if our baby is 7 lbs at birth that will be a whopping 28 quarter pounders! My high school math teacher always tried to tell me that math would be helpful to me one day and I never believed him. I believe him now! ;-)

Anyway…we are going to start learning more about the different birthing classes we can choose to take. Apparently the Bradley Method is more “team” oriented with partner coaching while Hypnobirthing and Lamaze are more about the birth mother focusing on techniques to change the way she experiences the birth process and discomfort. Both involve plenty of work on breathing properly etc… We’ll probably go with the Bradley method but like with anything we are going to do a bit more research before we decide.

This weekend I’d like to do the final coat on the ceilings of both rooms we are renovating (nursery and guest room/office) and get started on the trim painting. We are getting there. Let’s see what thought for the day I can end with? How about one of my favorite quotes?

“Wherever you are is the entry point.” -Kabir

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