Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And they called it trucky love...

When Danny's at Jenni's house most days of the week he and little Oscar have several fun ride on toys that they scoot around on. But we didn't have any, and hadn't really thought about getting one. Until this weekend that is. In the first picture above Danny looked pretty pitiful trying to ride his little toy dump truck.

Wanting to put him out of his misery but not wanting to practice conspicuous consumerism, we stopped first at a local thrift store in search of something a little bigger and well, movable. The pickings were pretty slim that particular day so we headed to Target. As you can see, Danny approves very much of his new front loader.

This boy is seriously into trucks. Any drive now involves multiple announcements that a truck or bus is in the vicinity. The announcement goes something like this..."uck, uck" while pointing gleefully and wildly out the window. I gotta tell you, I never noticed so many trucks out there in my whole life. Or balloons or flags now that I think of it...

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