Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh gosh..we're stepping on cracks!

Danny and his buddy Bailey contemplate what this could mean for any one of their moms ;-)

P.S. Do you think they called each other before this play date to see what the other one was going to wear?


Momma Mikki said...

Could we have cuter kids? I mean, honestly. Adorable.

Susanica said...


LiteralDan said...

I love how serious they look. Like they are contemplating the Great Problems of the World, chewing pacifiers like pipes.

To caption this picture, I would have Bailey (on the right?) announcing in a dignified voice, "I believe I have pooped my pants."

Susanica said...

Thanks for your comment LiteralDan. I like your first name. Yes Bailey is on the right.I like your caption but since Bailey looks a bit like a coach I also thought that like "drop and give me five" would be good! -M