Saturday, September 06, 2008

Our sweet Jewish grandmother boy...

After a rainy day stuck in the house we were happy to go to a fun dinner hosted by Su's former co-worker Sarah and her boyfriend Jake. We had a lovely time (well except for a few Danny "love" bites--the boy is still a biter) when at one point either Su or I called Danny our favorite nickname "Bubby".

Jake thought that was awesome. As he and Sarah are both Jewish, he asked us if we knew that Bubby was what grandmothers were often called in Yiddish. Hmmm...

"I've heard of Babushka for grandmother" I volunteered.

"Well, the nickname often used for Babushka is Bubby" he volunteered right back.

We all looked at Danny, and he applauded.

Gotta love our Lutheran, former Catholic (oh wait that was me), Jewish Grandmother son!


P.S. Sarah and Jake. Thanks! Dinner was wonderful! -Monica (Su and whats-his-name!)

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