Thursday, July 02, 2009

Getting to "glowy"

Since announcing the news that we are expecting our second child at Christmastime, I haven’t written much about it. Why? Well let’s see? Danny keeps us going 100 mph, we are both extremely busy at work and, maybe after going through the miscarriage last year we are both a bit nervous. I’ve heard this described at “one foot in, one foot out”. You want to be happy and celebrate and be all “glowy” but then a tiny part of your brain keeps telling you to watch out.

On the brighter side, Su is entering her 16th week and we’ll actually start to see more definitive proof soon that baby number two is really planning to join us. We do periodically look at books and other info regarding how the baby is developing as these weeks roll along and, just like when Su was pregnant with Danny, once in a while I’ll see something that really gets me excited. Like today I read that at 15 weeks even though a baby’s eyes are still fused shut they can react to light—if you shined a flashlight on Su’s belly the baby would most likely turn from the light. That seems pretty real right?

I know that little ear buds are already formed so I’m sure he or she is turning away quite often from Danny squawking and other fun sounds ;-) By the way, we’ve decided that while “en utero” to call this baby our Crumpet. It comes from the fact that babies are measured “Crown to Rump” at this stage which always cracks me up.

Don’t worry. I looked up Crumpet to make sure there wasn’t some awful other meaning (besides delicious pancake like treats) and in fact, in Britain it’s said that it’s a nickname for someone who is intelligent and good looking. Whew. The proverbial "smart cookie".

Yup. We are getting a little more excited each day. Today our Crumpet should be about 4 inches long. Here is a pic that shows the development of a baby at 15 weeks. Cool huh?


Casey said...

I was the same way, always looking to see what the kid in the oven was working on that week. Baby Center sends out emails that tell you how big the kid is in increments of food. I always appreciated that since I can relate to food. :)

Erin said...

Love it! Still so excited for you!!

Stimey said...


Now put away your flashlight. The baby needs to rest. :)

elizabeth said...

Look at that picture! 15 weeks and little legs and feet and toes and knees and all the body parts we need to grow into adulthood. The miracle is astounding. Excuse me for feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. I'm actually emotional looking at that photograph!