Friday, July 24, 2009


Danny likes to tell stories. Huge, interesting and wild stories that have him gesticulating wildly and incorporating sounds of fire trucks and hoses spraying and helicopters. We usually follow along attentively, even though it’s mostly gibberish. He just laughs and laughs!

But his days of gibberish are starting to fade away. Slowly but surely more words are sticking. For example we were in a store the other day and saw a little baby swing. He pointed to it and yelled “Oh! Miles!” For those who don’t know, that’s Jenni’s 8 month old who Danny sees quite a lot of. It was very cute.

Then when I came home yesterday he was very interested in my “wet shoes.” Of course he makes “b” sounds for “w”s often, so he was calling them my “bet shoes”. And in all reality it sounded like he was going on an all about my “butt shoes, butt shoes.” Again, very cute.

Except when it’s not cute. Like the other day when someone made a noise related to digestion (not gonna say who, or from where this noise emanated) and Danny responded by yelling “gas!”

Okay, that actually was cute.

But not as cute as when you are carrying him and he takes your face in both of his hands, smiles so hard that his eyes crinkle almost shut as he gazes into yours, and leans in to give you a sweet kiss. There are no words for that ;-)

Have a great day everybody.

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Casey said...

It is amazing to see these kids learning and developing and actually making sense of things. Both of my kids are growing up before my eyes and I have to admit that the cliches about time flying and such are actually true.