Sunday, July 12, 2009

Riddle time...

What's smiley and peppy and looking to play?
A boy at 2 a.m. who napped most of the day.

In his defense, he'd had a fever for a few days which made him pretty crabby. So when he napped for nearly 5 hours on Friday and woke up feeling better, we were really happy.

Friday night was a bit of a shock though when he awoke around 2:00 a.m. wanting to be rocked, then wanting to see mama, then not wanting to see mama, then wanting "yum, yum", then wanting to dump out all of his Thomas the Tank Engine tracks, than wanting to play choo choo, then wanting to watch "Bob" (yes the Builder). All in the middle of the night. All as awake as a boy can be.

Every effort I made to try and settle him down was met with "NO" and major squirming and running away from me. He has developed an excellent set of lungs when it comes to yelling "NO".

Su has a cold so she stayed in bed while I tried to figure out what to do. (Well that and she is gestating our second child so she definitely got a pass.) Anyway, I'd like to say that with my keenly honed parental skills I handled this situation with ease. But I'm not sure if begging really fits this category.

When all was said and done, he finally fell asleep in our bed about two hours later, somehow managing to stay perpendicular to us at all times. Amazing. And uncomfortable.

Last night was much better and we are going to now assume that this was a fluke brought on by his illness.

Cuz if this is the new "normal", this is the new "exhausted". -M

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elizabeth said...

9 months ago, I would have asked you why you just didn't turn him from perpendicular to parallel after he fell asleep in your bed.
Now, I understand.
When they FINALLY fall asleep, you can't take any chances and laying uncomfortably on the edge of your bed at 3 am doesn't sound so bad anymore.