Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Note to self

Next time a summons to go to jury duty comes Monica, and you get one chance to reschedule it any time within 90 days, take a VERY CLOSE look at your calendar before picking a date.

Believe that you WILL be picked to be on a jury.

You see, I was not a believer. I'd been called to report for jury duty a few times in the past and was always sent home the first day. So when this summons came I was pretty certain that history would repeat itself.

Since Su and Danny and I were going to be out of town on the day I was told to report, I rescheduled. I could have picked a date in July or August or September. So I just picked the next Monday. Trial as it turns out can go on for days, even weeks.

Excuse me while I stop typing now. I've got to get back to the courthouse for Day 6 of my unexpected adventures in being a juror. This all being said, I am happy to do my civic duty. I just made it more inconvenient than it had to be. Have a great day everybody. -M

P.S. Did I mention that I'm running two fairly large events with lots of moving pieces in August? Why didn't I pick September!!!!

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