Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fun with friends in West Virginia

Our church participates with a consortium of other churches in the DC area to take turns using a really beautiful retreat site near Harper's Ferry. This past weekend our Friends and Families group got a turn to go and had a blast just hanging out, doing a community service mulching project and relaxing in a way that does not seem possible in the big city. We had something like 14 kids and 12 adults and I know our boys are already looking forward to our next trip. Without further ado, a pic or two... (or more)

After grinding up branches in a wood-chipper it was time to load up the wagon.
This hard working gang got to ride with the mulch to the garden. Nice mask to protect against gnats don't you think? ;-)

Then it was time to load up the wheel-barrels with mulch and get back to work.

Benji honed his supervisory skills.

The kids did their own version of London Bridges. Or something like that.

Our friend Catherine kept the kids engaged in a game for hours. We love her.

And in honor of Earth Day the kids had fun making the world out of clay and other fun crafts. Overall a great weekend!

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