Thursday, September 07, 2006

Our mamas are SO COOL!

If you haven't yet noticed, we have a few favorite blogs listed on the side of this space. "Maverick Mama" and "Our Little Honey". We try to keep sort of anonymous so I won't say their names, but both are written by friends we met in our Maybe Baby class last spring. One friend is a single soon-to-be mom and the other is written by a woman who is partnered (is that a verb?) who is also pregnant. The thing about both of these blogs is the raw emotion that sort of spews or leaks out of them. In both blogs our authors share parts of themselves and their lives that are very deep and almost primeval I think. There is a lot of courage in their words, and hopefully a lot of catharsis.

Being gay is not easy in this society. Deciding to parent a child in this society is not easy either, but you know what? Too bad. This is our reality. We are blessed to know these friends because when we read their blogs we have the added benefit of "seeing" them and "hearing" them and in some ways viscerally feel their celebrations and their pain. And they do the same for us. So O. and M. and K (and A. and I. for that matter) we want you to know that we consider it a blessing and a gift to share in the parts of your life you choose to share though your blogs.

Our neighbor Melissa gave us a fun gift recently--a box of camping stick matches that are called "Smart Women" matches. On the box it says "Smart Women Light the Way." Keep that in mind will you ladies? Have a wonderful and blessed day. -Monica and Susanne

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