Friday, September 22, 2006

You've been what?

The title of my last post "We've been linked, we've been linked" is still cracking me up. And if my good friend Gerri up in NY ever reads this blog she's cracking up too. Why you may ask? Well it's all about a woman named L. You see, about 15 years ago I met Gerri and L. when they started their first year at college. I'd already done Peace Corps and was in grad school in the area, so I got a great gig as a Resident Coordinator/Director. Gerri and I became fast friends (and are to this day). L. was her roommate and she was a very dramatic, very effusive, very funny woman from Mexico. Her English was pretty darn good know how it goes. When one uses a second language, some funny things can happen.

Well one day at the cafeteria L's tray wobbled and her glass of milk splashed all over her shirt. Being that she was, again, quite dramatic L. jumped up and in her loudest voice began squealing "I've been milked, I've been milked." Of course she accompanied this by frantically pawing at her now wet t-shirt much to the delight of the whole cafeteria. "L., sit down, shhhhhhh....SHHHHHHSH" Gerri and I tried to calm her down. "What, what?" she demanded to know why we wanted her to be quiet. "I was egged this weekend when we went trick or treating and now look at me---I've been milked, I'VE BEEN MILKED!." I can still hear her voice ;-)

Of course L. also loved to burst into song when ever she was in an elevator--mostly"Love in an Elevator, living it up while I'm going down!" She had no idea what she was singing (or did she?) Ah...memories. Too funny I say! -M

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