Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Time is flying!

Greetings! It sure has been a while since we posted. Su put up one of our pictures from the Mautner Project Gala in our last post--we had so much fun. The Mautner Project does education, advocacy and hospice care for lesbian women with cancer. It's great to know that by attending and being table captains we helped them raise money. We got a few things at the silent auction too. This weekend we'll be attending a National's Baseball game in Councilmember David Catania's box. Free food AND beverages! And I'm most excited about a poster we spied that was signed by author Judy Chicago. It has the words of a poem we had incorporated into our wedding last year and gosh, it's gonna look so great when we get it reframed. Read it for yourself to see how wonderful "And Then" is. I was very psyched when I saw that we'd also snagged that in the silent auction.

We are both so busy at work lately. And we're getting our porch repainted and slogging on with our basement project. A "carpet" guy came by last night and we ordered some great stuff that is green in more ways than one. It's literally green, (sage I'd call it) and it's made from recycled coke bottles. It's virtually impossible to stain or damage. And best of all it's really comfy and soft. Who knew! So we are pleased with that and now have 3 more weekends of work to do before we've scheduled them to come and lay that in. Yeah!!! Alrighty then. Back to work I go. Have a great day y'all! -M

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