Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We've been linked! We've been linked!

You may notice that we have a blog on the side of our webpage called Lesbian Families. The story behind it is that our friends A and S had their beautiful daughter A about 3 months ago. Su was trying like mad to search for their blog to find out what was going on. So when she put in dad's full name suddenly she came up with a site about these two women who had a son and kept a very fun blog. A's name showed up because the writer had mentioned him in an entry. Turns out they've been friends for a long time. Boy, for being a straight couple they sure have a bunch of lesbian friends I say!

Anyway, later the blog writer decided to do this cool compilation site called Lesbian Families. Su put their link on our page, and I guess since we linked to them, they linked to us. How fun! Gosh, do we have to be wittier now? Or more profound? Or maybe always use spell check? Gosh, what pressure.

Not really. We are delighted. For those of you who follow our saga, we are indeed now in the midst of our second attempt to have a child via artificial insemination. Just yesterday, I thought for some reason it might be interesting to put our sperm donor's number and the name of the cryobank into Google to see if there were any hits. Was that a good idea? I'm just so curious sometimes. What I found was the blog of a lesbian couple who say they are years away from thinking of having kids were just searching around and really liked that this particular donor's profile was a lot like one of the women (same education, hair color, eye color etc...). They listed his number and description in a post. I guess a part of me knows that our child could have 1/2 siblings out there but it's still kind of odd. I'm glad they aren't trying now for some reason.

What I really wondered was if any of the donors themselves ever post their numbers on their own blogs hoping someone will find them. We have an anonymous donor because we definitely like the idea of this child being ours without any triangulation, but who knows? With technology the way it is maybe everyone will know everybody one day.

For my birthday Su got me what I really wanted. My kit to participate in the National Geographic Society's Genographic Project! It's so cool. I had to do a DNA swab and send it in and as soon as they process it I'll be able to use my password to learn more about where the genetic markers I have on my mom's side migrated in the world. There just had to be something before Ireland I'm sure of it!

Alrighty then. I've got to head home now. Wish us good luck--we've got to wait another 13 days or so before we'll know for sure. I've got a good feeling about this! -M

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Shana said...

Oh, wow. The Genographic Project is COOL. I wish I had an extra $100 lying around so I could do it. I'd heard about the project before (probably on NPR?) but had no idea private citizens could get it done for themselves. Awesome.

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