Friday, June 13, 2008

Attention kitty cats!

This is a scratching post

This is MOST DEFINITELY NOT a scratching post

Danny's okay, but he's got a red rake of scratches from his little cheek to his mouth. Fortunately the scratches are not deep, and really fortunately he didn't get caught in the eye.

He does love to chase after the two cats (they usually run like heck) but this time he apparently caught Harley off guard. We'll keep trimming the cats claws and teaching our Bubby not to go after them with such zeal. That ought to be easy right? Have a great weekend everyone. -Monica


C said...

Aw, poor Danny! And poor Harley! My guess would be Harley just taught Danny a ton about not chasing after kitty cats with such zeal. I'm glad Danny is OK!

Working for an animal shelter here in Pittsburgh, I'm also very glad that Harley has understanding kitty cat parents who didn't immediately decide that he must go because of this.
- Cheri

Susanica said...

Hi Cheri. Well, usually they'll just gently swipe at him (actually in the air) with no claws out at all, but this time he just surprised Harley. I was much more nervous about the cats when we first brought him home. They are quiet used to him by now. And, I'm not sure what Danny learned. He still squeals and chases after them with glee! ;-) -Monica