Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nother note to self

So when I bend over to pick something up while rushing out the door at work to an important meeting and my button pops on my pants, I should really be a bit more strategic than I was on Thursday.

Yes, I felt a "pop", but really needed to get to where I was going so I made sure the zipper was up as high as possible and started off down the streets of Washington, DC. I found that I soon needed to put both hands in my pockets and sort of saunter along lest the zipper take another dive and leave me feeling a bit, eh, exposed. At Pennsylvania Avenue, I spied a CVS where they would surely have safety pins and they did!

Now clutching the ($3.80!) variety snack pack of pins I scurried along already late. I considered trying to stop on the street and try and pin them there but that seemed weird. I could have ducked into a building but then I'd probably be questioned by security guards and also not be allowed to use their bathrooms. And I was now getting seriously late.

So I did what seemed like a smart idea at the time. I tried to put the pin in while walking. I sort of forgot how thick the material is where the button hole is on pants, so I very quickly surmised this wasn't going to work. So I went back to plan A which was to again put both hands in my pockets to keep the darn things up. And then a light was changing. So I ran.

In my defense, I was late, as I've mentioned more than one. But note to self. Running across that street was a VERY BAD IDEA. I lived to tell this tale as you can see so all's well that ends well.

But perhaps the worst part of the whole ordeal was later back home when Susanne spied a button I'd carefully placed on our dresser to sew back on she asked me if this were the one that had popped.


"Well, it didn't just pop off, the area around the little holes is broken."

Oooohhh... Weight Watchers here I come. Again.


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