Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Truth is Marching On

We headed down to the Mall in Washington, DC this weekend and joined an estimated 5000 people in DC speaking out in support of gay marriage. There were rallies like this in all 50 states on Saturday so tens of thousands of voices were raised simultaneously which was really cool. In this pic Danny and I and the crowd listened to one of the organizers explaining how our walk would take us to the front of the White House. It was the largest gay rights protest in history we were told.

It was awesome to be a part of such a groundswell of voices--it seemed as though the stream of people marching and chanting went on for miles. Too bad the local press chose to hardly say ar word about the rally and a local news channel put the number of participants at about 500 which was way, way off the mark.

My favorite sign? "No more Mr. Nice Gay". Susanne made our little sign for Danny's stroller. Pretty cool huh? -Monica


Stimey said...

Fantastic! And how adorable is Danny!?

Casey said...

That sounds like an awesome turnout. I love the "no more Mr. nice gay" sign... that needs to be made into a bumper sticker.

Jenni said...

Yes, no more Mr. Nice Gay, or Mrs. Nice Gay for that matter!

otrey3 said...

Way to go be heard! And what's with the press? Didn't hear a thing about these marches here in MN, but maybe that's because I'm still in the new baby news shut-out stage? Hope so.

-Laura O'B. Smith

Sara said...

very powerful.