Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What an exciting day!

It's amazing to think that by the time we go to bed tonight we'll know who the next president of the United States will be. Su and Danny and I were up and out of the house before the polling stations opened at 7 am in DC and by the time we got there (at 7:06) the line was all the way down the block! We saw the same thing as we drove downtown at other polling stations. Hundreds and hundreds of people are making their voices heard and I love it!

There is just such a sense of excitement here in DC. I don't feel too nervous, that's not it. I guess am still in shock that our current president won in 2000 much less 2004, so I think that what I feel is less nervousness than outright fear that something could happen to swing the vote back towards another 4 years of Republican leadership in the White House. I can't even think about that possibility!

So, I'm looking forward to this day ending so that we can watch this show unfold. Did I mention that I'm excited!!!! -Monica

P.S. Danny went to his new daycare center yesterday and I got the crossest look ever from our sweet boy when I went to pick him up. How dare we leave him? Of course then he wouldn't let go of me. Same thing this morning when Su dropped him off. His teacher said it usually takes kids about a week to really adjust. I wonder how long it will take us?


Casey said...

I get the excited feeling, I got all cheesy and teared up on my coffee run today when I saw Obama people with signs. I honked and yelled/waved.
I'm so nervous for tonight. I really hope our guy wins but like you said, previous elections completely shocked me so who knows. Time to order our election pizza (Hawaiian for Obama!) Good luck!

Erin said...

Did you hear Chris Shays lost?! Wow!

Susanica said...

Hi Erin, yes, I saw that Chris lost. I was just on the phone with Alyce and she said that it wasn't much of a surprise. He didn't win by much last time around and, as we all know, it's time for a change! Wonder if they'll move back to CT for good now? Hmmm...wonder if Joe Biden will now live in the VP house or keep taking the Amtrack? I bet he moves to DC for good! I know I would if I were him. Isn't it all so exciting!!! -M (Oh, and thanks so much for your very important Florida vote. I've never been so happy to feel blue!)