Monday, November 24, 2008

Time flew!

Wow. This last week was just a blur. I took my trip to Orlando and then on Saturday we bundled our little man up for the Help the Homeless walk-a-thon. The temperature unfortunately was around 30 degrees and very windy. Brrrrr.... And to think, just one week earlier when we went to the same place on the Mall for the "No on Prop 8 rally" it was around 70 degrees. Crazy weather eh?

On a much brighter note, our friend Tom who was in that terrible bike accident November 10th has made remarkable progress. He can talk and they even have him out of bed walking around as a part of his physical therapy. This is just amazing. He was very near death when he arrived at the hospital. His parents in Florida got a call from the hospital staff and were told "come right away--as soon as you possibly can". I can't imagine what it must have been like to be on that plane knowing your son is so hurt. I'm just so glad that the good news keeps coming.

Anyway, we went to see Tom yesterday and even though he was sleeping, it was great to see him in regular clothes and just looking like himself again.

And speaking of recoveries, I wrote in July about the accident my former boss George had (who mostly goes by the name Marty.) He'd been trimming a tree branch from their third floor bedroom balcony and it gave out. He hit the driveway below so it's a true miracle he is still alive. Marty just began waking up this month--more than 4 months after his accident. On Friday I brought Danny with me to visit him and when we were going to leave I asked Danny say goodbye. He waved but when I suggested a high five, both Danny and Marty were delighted to slap their hands together. When Danny started giggling Marty smiled too. It was really wonderful to see. Marty has a long way to go to get back his speech and his other motor skills, but it's such a blessing to know that he's no longer in a coma.

Alrighty. Lots to do before we go over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house. Somehow I always imagined that as more picturesque than traveling south on I-95. But hey. There are rivers and woods. And best of all, a turkey dinner that is pretty darn awesome. See you soon Grandma! Or as Danny would say "adllrhhhoi ddsorhh ggooosssoeoio!"


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