Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby Goggles

Thank you to all who sent us happy notes and comments regarding the news of Su's pregnancy. We are really excited and, just like last time, I propose at least 7 new baby names every day, and Su vetoes them. But the baby has to have some sort of name so I remain optimistic! Actually we do have a few that we both like. It's funny when you have a kid and realize later that you couldn't imagine him or her with any other name. I think Danny is just right for our number one son. It just fits!

Speaking of Danny, he had a great time this weekend visiting his Pop Pop in Richmond and going to two different birthday parties (happy day Amanda and Oscar!) Tomorrow his Nana will fly back from Europe so he's going to be a pretty happy camper.

I had a thought this weekend being around so many families with children. I was watching the parents watching their kids. Of course a huge part of this watchfulness is safety. Wouldn't want to lose them or let an accident happen right? But there is another part of this watchfulness. It's pure pride in that child. Their beauty, grace, intelligence, elegance, strength...whatever you see. Cuz when that kid is yours, you see it all.

I think it's like we all have "baby goggles". And unlike "beer goggles" we never wake up the next day wondering why we ever thought the object of our admiration was so cute.

Baby goggles. A permanent door prize of parenthood. I submit for your inspection Exhibit A. Have a great day everybody! -Monica

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