Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So sad

Yesterday I worked from home, but decided I needed to run down to my office to get some important papers I wanted to hand deliver to someone at another agency. Once I was done, I got on the Metro and headed home but for some reason I was curious to see some construction that was going on behind our house so I stayed on the Red Line for one extra stop to get a better view. Once I got to Fort Totten I simply got off my outbound train and crossed the platform to catch the inbound train back home.

About an hour or so later I got a CNN alert on my blackberry that there had been a train crash in DC on the Metro. What I saw on TV horrified me. A terrible accident between Fort Totten and Takoma Station. 70+ injuries and at least 9 dead. A train struck an idling train at full speed and the striking train basically ended up on top of the last car of the struck train.

You know, I remember that I was in the first car of the train I was riding yesterday and was thinking about how cool it was that there was a window behind the driver so you could see the driver and the track ahead. I thought how Danny would love it and silently filed away that next time we rode the Metro we'd sit in the first car so he could see everything.

Please keep all of the victims in your thoughts and prayers. Just regular people doing regular stuff. Just like all of us every day. -Monica

P.S. Danny keeps saying "choo choo uh oh" whenever he sees the TV or radio. He's so right.


Anonymous said...

So glad you're alright.

Erin said...

So scary, Monica -- a little too close for comfort. Last night I mentally went through the list of people I know who might have been riding that line, but for some reason I thought you took the bus to work. Glad I found out you were okay before I had a chance to worry :-)

LT said...

Oh wow. The first thing I did when the news started coming out was to check to make sure that wasn't a station that you all would be using. Such a twist of fate that you were an hour away from disaster. I'm so glad that you're safe.