Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just call me Percy

Oh dear.

I never knew this before we had Danny, but apparently when I'm thinking deeply about something, or puzzled, I purse my lips.

I'd never noticed this before because I generally only look in a mirror to see if my hair is deranged or to see if my shirt is stained with toddler goo. I don't look long enough to see my mannerisms.

Recently though, Danny started pursing his lips. I thought it looked pretty silly so I sort of innocently asked Susanne where she thought he'd picked it up from.


Puuuurrrrrsssseeeee. He's like a little mirror of me. Only way cuter! -Monica

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Casey said...

It's eerie to see our kids mimic us, isn't it? The other day Elliot started crying and Graham went over to her and patted her and said "I know, I know... shhhhhhhh". I was all "where did he learn that from?" and then later in the day I did the same thing.