Friday, August 07, 2009

Night Night

At night time Danny likes to hear us read the same stories over and over. They are, in no particular order: Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train, Sesame Street Firehouse and his new favorite, Curious George.

We mix it up some, and then after about 10 or 15 minutes of reading we turn off the light and "rocky rocky" in the rocking chair. He has his blanket, a drink of water and then he starts to drift off (usually).

If I'm the one putting him to bed, this is the time that I like to recap his day for him, reminding him of all the fun things that happened and also tell him all of the exciting things to come tomorrow. (For example his Nana is coming today and he's very excited.)

The last thing I do before kissing him and laying him down is to tell him that his mama and I love him more than anything. "We're always gonna love you and we're always going to take care of you--I promise" is what I used to say.

Then about a month ago I had this vision of him at age 27, living in our basement yelling "Hey ma, get me a beer will ya? You promised!"

So our new night night mantra is "We're always going to love you and we are always going to be there for you".

Whew. I know I'm sleeping better at night now ;-)

Have a great weekend everybody! -M

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