Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Couch potatoes (or perhaps hot peppers?)

We found out Susanne was pregnant with Danny in October of 2006, and one of our favorite things to do at night was to snuggle up on the couch and watch mindless TV. We'd just lounge there chatting excitedly about our little baby inside her, all cuddly and happy during those cold winter and early spring months.

From my vantage point, I could feel the baby growing until it reached a point that there was not enough room for Su, the baby (aka the Dannymeister) AND me to sack out. Or let's just say it got harder and harder for Su to be comfortable in any position so I'd find another chair or whatever.

With this pregnancy beginning in April, I can report that the hot days of June, July and August DO NOT lend themselves to this kind of closeness. We try not to use the AC too much so for the most part cuddling is not in the mix. Oh don't get me wrong--I get my hugs and wonderful moment feeling the baby kicking, every day (even though apparently I am hotter than a furnace).

I will admit I'm looking forward to the fall though. Hmmm may have to acquire a bigger couch. Room enough for me, Su, our little baby inside, and big brother Daniel who always wants in on cuddling! ;-)



Casey said...

Being pregnant in summer is the absolute worst. Here's hoping it cools off soon and you guys can get some family snuggle time in!

Momma Mikki said...

I LOVE the addition of the ticker...