Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crackaroni and Cheese please!

Seriously. There must be something in this product that causes children to inhale it.

Danny's a pretty good eater for the most part, but when we went out to lunch yesterday to a place that served Kr*ft Macaroni and Cheese, he almost ingested my arm when it got too close. Geez.

It was good to see him with an appetite. The reason we had lunch out in the middle of what is usually a work day, is that we were back to his pediatrician's office for the second time in 4 days.

Looks like a fever that led to a rash that the doctor thought last week was probably a virus, is most likely a bacteria, and he's got many very nasty scabs to show for it. Our poor boy is now on a broad spectrum antibiotic until the culture comes back later today.

He's very brave. -Monica


Momma Mikki said...

Poor, poor Danny!!!!

Casey said...

We had to stop buying Mac-n-Cheese since Graham got so addicted. Now, he only gets it about once a month when we take him to a restaurant and he calls it his "special treat".

I hope Danny's on the up and up soon.