Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh Baby

Well the baby (who really will not be named Bob in spite of Danny's fervent protestations) is doing great according to the results of Su's recent ultrasound. His or her heartbeat is steady at 150 (which leads me to think it's a boy but I've been wrong in life before. ;-)

We got to see organs and limbs and adorable profile (I'm not going to say exactly who the baby's profile looks like, but since I only have one other baby to compare it to, perhaps you can guess?)

We found out he or she is measuring a tiny bit big which may or may not mean that we'll have a big newborn. We were tempted this time to find out the baby's gender but when the moment of truth came, we decided to wait. After all, finding out that our first child was a boy was like "Christmas in May" as I've written about before. This will just be more like "Christmas at Christmastime!"

This weekend we (Susanne) planned out an entire basement reorganization and we are now officially "weekend warriors" (Danny too) until it is done. I told Susanne that this planning seemed an awful lot like nesting but I was assured it was not.

Alrighty then. Back to work I go! -Monica


Casey said...

Glad to hear things are going well on your end. I could never wait to open my Xmas presents so naturally, I had to find out the sex of my kids ahead of time too!

Jenn said...

Thanks for the baby update!