Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Just Another Sunshine Day...

Fact: When I was away from home for 3 nights last week, two year old Danny slept pretty peacefully each night and Susanne actually had to WAKE HIM UP by 7:30 to make sure he got something to eat before going to Jenni’s.

Fact: When I have been home for the other 877 nights in his life, he has been known to begin his supplications at around 4:00 am. (Oh and by the way, with the baby due next month, I've been getting up nights with Danny as necessary. Happy, happy, joy, joy!)

“Mommy! Mama! Mommy! Mama!”

“Num Num! Num Num! (Yes, this means Yum Yum or "I'm hungry people!)

“Sun up! Sun up!”

“Choo Choo Mouse! Choo Choo Mouse! (This is a Mickey Mouse cartoon).

“Boo Boo. Danny Boo Boo.” (He does not really have a boo boo. He is crying wolf.)


Best case scenario? He stops his litany after 3 or 4 words and drifts back to sleep. And sometimes I can soothe him with a quiet word and a well placed blanket or even rock him back to sleep in less than a minute. But sometimes, (and this is especially true with this week’s daylight savings time change) there is no stopping the escalation.

Like this morning. He really didn’t eat much for supper last night so his cries for food were actually believable. So I decided to take him downstairs and give him a banana and some milk. This has been known to be the magic elixir. But this morning he was not willing to simply relax into my arms to go back to bed. But up we went anyway.

So began the 20 minutes of full on crying and fighting with the door in his bedroom as I refused to let him out. I sat on the floor with his favorite blanket and eventually he came over to me and collapsed into my arms and finally let me lay him down. He was up again an hour later at 5:30 really ready to start his day. Yawn.

So where was I going with this? Oh right. He slept so great when I was not home. What does it all mean? Is it me? Oh, and by the way, I think he’s starting to believe that he can command the sun to come up. So far it has every morning, much to his delight ;-) -Monica


Casey said...

Wow, I dunno if he's only doing it when he knows you're home to get up with him.

Graham has been getting up between 5 and 5:30 for the past two months or so and it's slowly draining the life out of us. And we take shifts so one of us can sleep until 7 every other morning, I can't imagine how tired you must be.

Not sure if it would help Danny but we just bought the Goodnite Lite for Graham. You set what time they're allowed to get up and it's a moon night light until then and it turns into a sun. It's bright though so if he's used to total darkness, it's not for you.

Good luck!

Susanica said...

Brilliant idea Casey. I'm going to try and figure out something along those lines! -M

Jenni said...

I think Casey may be right - perhaps he's getting up only when you're home because you are the one that gets up with him? He is clever like that.

I love the boo boo feint. He give me that one too :)