Saturday, November 07, 2009

Scared straight

Remember that TV show where they took troubled kids into jails and scared the heck out of them in hopes that they'd stay away from a life of crime? It was called "Scared Straight".

This weekend a longtime friend who was in Americorps with Susanne came for a visit. She's at one of those watershed kinds of moments in her life where she's ready for a change (job, probably location etc...) and drove up to spend a weekend with us to talk through some of her options.

Her name is Constance (not really) and she's got a very serene life. Two cats, lots of peace and quiet but a job that doesn't really work for her. After approximately 12 hours with us, including Danny and a couple other toddlers on the block she suddenly realized that some things about her life were actually pretty good. And peaceful.

Constance, we totally get you. Little kids are demanding. And awesome. And exhausting. And amazing. And, well, you get the drift.

We are so glad you came to visit. Sometimes stepping away from life for a few days helps you realize what you've got .

Excuse me. I've got to go and extract Danny's blanket from the refrigerator. Love, Monica (and Su)

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joejoe said...

of course I remember Scared Straight from the seventies, I found this deep review on the program and documentary of Shapiro: