Thursday, November 05, 2009

My imaginary want ad...

Seeking out spontaneous friend who lives far away to text me while I’m in a boring meeting to say “I just flew into DC--wanna get lunch in an hour?” Friend must be one of those people that goes way back, and totally makes my day.

I love it when my daydreams come true!

Thanks for getting in touch with me today Amy! As always it’s wonderful seeing you, and I’m so touched that you found time to see me during your quick work trip out here. I love surprises like this!

Amy and I have been friends for a long time now, and we share something in common. We both have uber accomplished spouses. Her Matt is a brilliant lawyer, marathoner, mechanic, chef etc., etc. My Susanne is fabulous at everything else (and could totally beat Matt in a cooking contest I say!) Or so our ongoing “argument” goes. They are both cute as can be too.

I would like to add, however, that even though Amy talked highly of Matt’s next project plan to build a garage with a hydraulic lift, she had to concede defeat when I told her that Susanne grew 17 million brain cells for the baby yesterday.

What a fun lunch! Thanks again Amy. Catch you in Minnesota next time! –Monica

P.S. Hugs to Matt and the kiddies!


Bugaloo said...

100% loved seeing you Pep!! It was wonderful; thank you for making time from me during your busy day. I passed on the growing comment to Matt, and even he conceded defeat (just this once). xoxoxo

Jenn said...

LOL! That is just great! Tell Matt and Susanne, I think that they are both remarkable spouses!