Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On the home front

Well, I'm back from visiting my mom in MN. It's been a week today since she fell. She ended up with a partial hip replacement (which I think means the whole left side) and as of Saturday moved to a transitional care facility to do physical therapy so she can move around and remain independent. Unfortuately though she has continued to be plauged by nausea, even now after she is off the stronger painkillers. Until she can stay nourished she can't really begin working hard on her PT and, or course she feels very tired and weak. I spent as much time with her in the hospital and the transitional care place as I could, but of course now I am home, thousands of miles away.

It is a great help that my siblings are there--particularly my sister who is a public health nurse who works a lot with families with relatives needing care like mom does. She is a great advocate. I can call and talk to mom, but she tires really quickly and I don't want to bother her. As you can tell, I find it all frustrating and worrisome.

She asked a lot about Danny and Benji when I was with her which was nice. Nothing like little kids to lighten things up right.

For example, the next story I'll tell her will be about dinner last night.

Danny likes to say "not" instead of "don't want". (For instance he'll say "I not get dressed")

So last night as he and Su were both drinking milk with dinner, we moms thought we'd be clever and model the right way to say this.

Monica to Susanne -  "Honey, would you like more milk?"

Susanne -  "No, I don't want more milk"

Monica to Danny - "Sweetie, would you like milk?"

Danny to both moms - "I have milk" (followed by puzzled face then a big grin)

I'm sure you all could hear us both laughing from wherever in the world you read this blog. -Monica

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Jenni said...

glad your mom is on the mend and that you were able to spend some time with her, even though it was short.

i think danny's "i nots" are funny. he's talking so much more these days; significantly more than even just a month ago, I think.