Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sleep well mom

Today I got the call from one of my sisters that on some level I've always dreaded. I knew right away that something was wrong, so even though she politely asked if it was a good time to talk, I immediately asked her what was wrong.

Mom had taken a fall and unfortunately broke her hip. She'd just finished a "joints in motion" swimming class (good for you mom!) but on her way out to her car in the icy parking lot she fell. She's still pretty surprised that she couldn't just get up after she fell. She remembers feeling a bit dizzy and wondered whether her blood sugars were low and reached out to rest a second on a car. Then she was on the ground. That's never a good thing, and particularly not when you are 78 years old.

Thankfully there were people outside who saw it happen and immediately came to help. This all happened at around 1 pm CST (she is in the Twin Cities). The plan as we understood it was for her to have surgery this evening, but it's been delayed because the on call surgeon got pulled into some other surgery.

So we wait til the morning. My brothers and sisters were with her most of the evening and are heading home now. She is getting continuous pain medication which gives me great comfort. Even better, it gives her great comfort.

So now we wait. I've already booked a flight to get home at the end of the week.

Sleep well tonight mom. Just sleep well. We love you. -all of us


Jenni said...

Our thoughts are with you, Grandma Fitzgerald. Get well soon

nutella said...

Oh no! Hope the pain is being managed well and that surgery is a success.

Xbox4NappyRash said...


All the best from another Fitzgerald.

Casey said...

Oh no, I'm glad I read the latest post first and know she's ok. My Gram fell in a parking lot once and broke her hip and shoulder (she was about your mom's age at the time). It took awhile to get back to where she was before but she came out the other side strong as ever. Here's to a speedy recovery.