Sunday, January 17, 2010

A whole month of Benjamin!

Caption this.

My vote goes for Ben thinking "Matching PJs. Oh horrors! They are making us wear matching PJs!"

You can actually have fun looking at about 20 or so pics of Benjamin's first month by clicking on "Benji's first month" slide show. He's growing like a weed--we think he's nearing the 10 pound mark (can you say "sleep through the night soon?)

Our Benjamin. He's a bit of a character so he fits in very nicely around here ;-)

Happy first month birthday baby. We love you! -Mommy and Mama

P.S. They are only in matching PJs cuz we got these cute outfits from a dear friends. We don't anticipate too much "matchy matchy" but we'll see ;-)

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Jenni said...

they grow so fast, especially the second one. very cute!