Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Danny got a nice thank you card in the mail for a donation he/we made to Children's Hospital this year during Advent. But as you can see, his thank you card got into a scuffle with a mail sorting machine somewhere along the way.

Nice of the USPS to say they were sorry when it came delivered in the special plastic pouch, but ouch! Thank goodness it wasn't something of more value, like a check or something. But that being said this is probably the worst I've seen after receiving close to a million pieces of mail in my life. Not a bad percentage.

Oh no! Danny's only gotten something like 20 things in the mail in his life. That percentage just jumped mightily! :-)

Embiggen to read the "mea culpa". -M


nutella said...

Wow, it really got chewed up didn't it? Sadly, this is not the most damage I've ever seen on a piece of mail. During the anthrax scare days of 2001 I worked downtown and we'd frequently get mail that was dark yellow, so brittle it crumbled to pieces if you tried to open it, and with the plastic windows melted beyond recognition.

Stimey said...

One of the Christmas cards I received came in a post office envelope because about a third of it had been ripped clean off. Bummer.