Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Working it

Apparently while I was gone from work for the last three weeks, the world continued to spin without me. Oh, I knew what was happening as it was spinning, as I couldn’t help but peek at my Blackberry from time to time, but I’m pretty proud of myself for staying out of things.

My plant at work however did not continue to spin too well without me. It’s a rubber tree plant and I know it will recover from its giant thirst but it is one unhappy plant right now. I know this because as I watered it this morning it sucked up water like the Little Shop of Horrors plant screamed “FEED ME! FEED ME NOW!” I probably should have mentioned the plant to my wonderful co-workers who most certainly would have taken care of things. But short of coming into my workspace you don’t really see it on the windowsill, so no one knew. I must admit I keep glancing over at it now. It seems, well, angry with me. Or maybe as it absorbs the water it perks up and moves ever so slightly. Damn my peripheral vision!

Danny was not happy at all to learn that I would be going out the door before him this morning. “No work Mommy, no work!” I actually sort of agreed with him, but that whole bringing home the bacon thing makes it sort of imperative. I also caused great anguish for the child by breaking his Kashi waffle in half at breakfast. It was one of those days. Not as bad as the time when he wanted a sponge to wipe his new play kitchen down with, and I (horrors) wet it before giving it to him. He was very unhappy and it was near impossible to explain that it's not really possible to just "unwet" a sponge.

I am happy to cut him some slack though. He’s been though a big transition in the past few weeks. Case in point. Su’s mom drove to our house from South Carolina the day the baby was born (Dec. 17th), and was with us until around New Years. In the meanwhile we’d returned from the hospital with the baby. So the day Nana drove off, Su and Danny and I went outside to wave goodbye as she drove off, Danny very happily called out “Bye bye Nana. Bye bye Baby”. Yup. He thought she was taking the interloper with her. When we explained to him that the baby was staying he was not pleased. Not pleased at all.

But he’s coming around. Last night he laid on the couch with Benji and actually coached him on how to get his thumb into his mouth. Much giggling ensued and it was great fun to watch.

Alrighty then. I have to get back to my long list of things to do. Before my rubber tree plant scares me again! -Monica

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Casey said...

Aww, poor kid thought his brother was going with his Nana. That's too cute.

It's hard to stay awake from work, isn't it? That's part of the reason I quit after Elliot was born, they wanted me to stay on part time but there was no way I'd only work part time since I'm a workaholic.

Hope the plant feels better soon.