Sunday, February 21, 2010

What am I up to today?

Um...that would be watching Danny's hair grow.

You see, I may have gone just a tad too short on my first attempt at cutting it with our new Kids Shaver. Actually my first attempt at cutting it earlier in the day was not too short, but noooooo I was not satisfied. So about a half hour later I thought I'd give it another shot and really go for it!

On the bright side he is really enjoying how it feels to rub his little head and cracks up when he looks in the mirror. On the not so bright side, I don't feel so good.

His hair grows very fast however. In fact, let me go back and check it again.

No, still the same.

No pictures of him will be posted for an appropriate amount of time. But rest assured he's still beautiful. Just, um, shorn. -Monica

P.S. Su of course came to the rescue and tried her best to do damage control. Thanks honey. I've learned my lesson!

1 comment:

Jenni said...

when danny showed up this morning he said, "My hair funny!" and that was very cute, so take heart in that :)