Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The definition of irony

When you are online researching the best kind of external hard drive to buy so you never experience a catastrophic loss of everything on your computer, when a malicious virus attacks.

Pop up warnings saying "click here to run your system security" (yeah right) to windows opening up to sites like www.p*rn.come and How fun.

Internet Explorer was completely shut down but fortunately we could still get into Mozilla Firefox to get some free repair scans (after consulting our computer guru friend--thanks Aleck.)

We did have some infected areas that were dealt with, but we survived relatively unscathed. This time.

We bought and saved to that external hardrive the very next day. You know, I could care less about most of the stuff on our computer. But the babys' pictures. I couldn't bear to lose them! Could you? -M


Erin said...

We saved everything to a hard drive over the holidays, and our computer died two weeks ago. I don't know what I would have done If I'd lost those pix!

Jenn said...

Having experienced a fatal error on my computer and spending $800 to get my photos back, I feel your pain. I am glad that you managed to get everything saved. I feel the same way about my photos and I'm not nearly as good a photographer as Su.