Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!

This Saturday morning, Danny insisted on making a cake for Mama's upcoming birthday. Since I'm not a "from scratch" kinda baker, I rummaged around and found one cake mix. Angel food.  But we didn't have an angel food kind of pan so we ended up making two regular pans.

Of course he insisted that we make it very special, so we sort of, kind of, made it into a Dinosaur. (One of his favorite books is Danny and the Dinosaur).

Here is the end result. It was fun and surprisingly delicious. Happy Birthday Susanne. Roooaaarrrr!


Jenni said...

Nice job on the cake, and happy birthday to Susanne!

Patrick said...

what a nice haircut!

Jenn said...

I :heart: the book, "Danny and the Dinosuar" too! Beautiful cake, Danny. I am sure that your Mommy was so surprised!