Monday, March 08, 2010

Rule #2376 - A steady stream of sugar results in a steady stream of ARGH!

Hi everybody. Sorry to be so bad about blogging of late. Hope to get back into more of a groove in the days to come. Life's just busy and I can't seem to make it unbusy, but that's okay.

Life is indeed busy but also very good. Benji is 2 1/2 months old now and it's been so awesome to watch him transition from flipsy flopsy little newborn into alert, engaged, smiling boy. We've got to some pics up soon. His grin is to die for. Just as sweet as can be. He especially likes it if you sort of howl like a little wolf at him. He howls right back and smiles up a storm. I had a dream right after he was born that we'd actually named him Wolfgang instead of Benjamin so I've been calling him Wolfie. Danny likes to call him Wolf sometimes too, but Susanne is not really feeling the whole Wolfie thing. Only time will tell if it will stick. All I know is that when we play our little wolf howling game he cracks up. Seems like a sign to me!

Anyway, speaking of sweetness and sugar, this weekend we had a group of friends over who have also recently given birth. It was what Su wanted for her birthday and it was a great idea. The only teeny problem was that two year old Danny was thrilled to help with all the food preparation and EATING. Cookies cut in the shape of baby carriages, chewy whole wheat chocolate chip cookie bars, homemade carrot cake with delicious cream cheese frosting and lots of other assorted yummy foods. We also put out somewhat more nutritious things, but heh, he's two and so during the course of the day he found a way to sample just about every sweet thing he could get his little mitts on.

By Saturday evening he was a bit wound up but did manage to fall asleep after the usual routine. But then he was up at 3, then 3:30 then again at 4:30 am--this time for good.

He was SO TALKATIVE. I told Susanne I think in the period of one hour he used every single word I've ever spoken to him. Just a running narrative of everything he could think of to talk about. He finally ate and egg and toast and I was hopeful that it would act like insulin and level out his clearly toxic level of sugar OD but no. He just kept chatting.

He did crash at naptime. What a relief. Lesson learned for us. I think. No wait, I can't think anymore. My brain is overloaded with toddler words and lack of sleep. Next time? I have no idea.

Onward and upward! -Monica

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