Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hmmmm….Six Degrees of Something

So Susanne and I like to read the same kinds of books. Thrillers, murder mysteries. You get the picture. And two authors we enjoy who write similar kinds of books are Vince Flynn and Brad Thor.

Now I’m one of those wacky sort of people who actually reads all of the acknowledgements that authors put in the back of books, and last night I was very interested to see that Brad Thor in “State of the Union” (which features Navy Seal kinda character Scot Harvath) thanked his friend Washington insider David Vennett for assistance with the novel.


You see, a few years ago I noted that Vince Flynn (who writes stuff like Consent to Kill featuring Navy Seal Mitch Rapp) also thanked his Washington insider friend David Vennett for his help.

This would all be just another example of a mind that remembers perfectly random things, except for the fact that I know David Vennett. We both worked for a year on the G-8 Summit that was held on Sea Island in Georgia in 2004. (If you ever read this, hi David!)

The plot thickens.

You see I sort of know Vince Flynn’s family. I was a high school teacher early in my career and taught one of his sisters at the same time he was at a military school across the way (although I must admit I don’t remember meeting Vince).

But in this brave new connected world I would think that my new friends Vince and Brad might need to get some advice from this Washington insider. For example, I could tell them where to get the best deal on Huggies, or how not to pronounce Washington “Warshington”.

The possibilities are endless if you think about it. Maybe I should FB “friend” them.

Or maybe they should “friend” me! I’m waiting gentlemen.

Have a great night everybody! -Monica

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