Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Double Take

Danny is going to turn 5 years old next month. FIVE! Okay, so maybe every parent goes through these odd phases of being absolutely amazed that their child is growing up. But even so, to actually experience it is really striking. I don't mourn the loss of baby Danny (or baby Benji for that matter). But I'm not sure that the word celebrate is the right one to describe this "gain" of children growing up.

Case in point. Last Saturday we stopped at our local Target and the boys got new bike helmets. I was walking down the street holding Benji's hand while Susanne and Danny walked ahead of us. Danny had his helmet down on his side--sort of holding it like a schoolbook. He and Susanne were just chatting away and I suddenly realized he was loping. Striding alongside of her with no effort. None of that half running to keep up with Mama's longer legs or anything like that. And they were actually conversing. Talking and laughing together like two adults might. Nodding and gesturing. It was really striking to me.

Of course withing 5 minutes he was having a fit about not having the toy he wanted and complaining about his carseat straps, so he is still our little guy. But for that moment on 14th Street, Danny became just Dan. No longer a baby or a toddler--not even a preschooler. A real live little boy. I guess I'll remember this as my Gepetto moment.

Oh who am I kidding? These two will always be our babies! -Monica

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